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The 5th edition of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women’s Health (Tharpe, Farley & Jordan 2017) provides a thoroughly updated version of a reliable and time tested approach to midwifery care.

Included are current evidenced-based midwifery and women's health care, as well as traditional, holistic, and empiric midwifery care. The primary focus is on meeting the needs of women in a manner that is both safe & woman-oriented. 

The Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women’s Health uses a standardized format to enhance the ease of use, and stimulate critical thinking in the clinical setting. We are currently revising this text and welcome your comments! The 5th edition is now available!
You can order your copy directly from the publisher at: 



Green Landing at dawn

Everyday Miracle

The infant child sleeps.
Her flawless skin a testament
To the possibility
Of perfection;
One cherubic hand, outstretched
The other, curled at her mouth
Like some small creature
Nestled near its’ mother’s breast.
She carries the future
On her small shoulders;
Each day, all unknowing,
She recreates the twisted path of
Human evolution.
We come into this world
Whole, innocent,
Filled with Grace.
Before the mundane world
Puts its’ mark upon us,
For one brief moment
Poised on the cusp between
The spirit and the flesh
© Nell Tharpe, December 2007.


Happiness is like a garden; it needs to be cultivated, watered, weeded and tended to flourish.

Set yourself up for success, in life and in happiness. Set attainable goals, and move forward at your own pace.
Don’t give up. Be persistent, patient and polite.
Maintain a positive attitude. Choose to focus on what works, what is beautiful, what can be done.
Give thanks for the small things. Celebrate what you have, rather than pining for what you don’t have.
Make time each day to do things that bring you pleasure and enjoyment. We each only have today to live.

Satisfaction is it’s own reward. Do things for others without needing anything in return.

Maintain a vision of the future you want to live. Choose to sacrifice short-term pleasure and put up with short-term discomfort in order to achieve long-term positive changes in your life.

Let go of negative thoughts. Learn to identify them, and replace then with positive or neutral thoughts.
Plan. Plan for happiness by arranging activities that nourish your spirit. Surround yourself with those who care for and about you, and the things that are important to you.
Accept the fallibility of others and yourself. Failure is simply another opportunity for growth.

Don't take things personally, even when they are meant that way. Chose not to be hurt by other people’s anger, meanness, or attempts to manipulate you or the situation.

Rather than focusing on your problems, dream about solutions, options, and creative avenues of change.
Carpe Diem!