A Midwife's Tale

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It takes unity, vision, and foresight to keep midwifery strong.
With thoughtful practice, midwives can promote and provide access to best care for women, mothers, and babies wherever they receive care.
I am happy to announce the birth of my newest grand-daughter, Mackenzie Valleau Eisele! She's one more reason to keep working to ensure women continue to have choices.


Blessings on the Work! 


The Midwife Mentor

Greetings from East Boothbay!

Happy Spring!!

The seasons change so quickly as we age, and after being midwife and working in women's health for nearly four decades I find it's time to slow down. Advocating for women is still my passion, and at this phase of my career I've turned to midwifing midwives and women's health professionals, through education and sharing. I'm also working to create effective systems for maternity and health care here in my home state of Maine.

As an independent Perinatal and Women’s Health Consultant I can follow my passion for bridging the gap between theory and practice in ways that are meaningful to midwives, and provide opportunities for midwives to learn, be inspired and revisit the reasons why midwifery. My mission is ensuring that women have access to the benefits of high quality midwifery care in every birth setting and across the continuum of perinatal and women’s health services.

I ask all midwives to ponder how they can be engaged in developing and promoting public policies to improve the health of women and families, and education of all maternity care professionals in providing woman-centered, safe, compassionate care. These are skills that can be learned with practice, mentoring, and interactive reflection. 


In all of my advocacy work, in the projects I work on, and for the incredible people I work with, I strive to apply the principles that I learned during my midwifery education: patience, kindness, active listening, reflection, and partnering.  This way I can model exemplary midwifery practice and show how to advocate for quality health care for women to the best of our ability. This is work that will never be done; life changes, the world changes, and we need to calmly and intentionally adapt, redirect, and persist in our efforts to ensure quality health care for all women, people, and families regardless of anyone's background, social status, or other factors. I celebrate our differences and honor our common humanity.

You can see the results of some of my work and more in the Reading Room.

Look for upcoming information on midwifery decision-making, independent peer review and practice evaluation services, midwifery mind mapping, and opportunities to engage with other midwives through clinical updates and case review. My role is to inspire, support, and mentor midwives. So, as always, do good work, be kind to yourself, and keep in touch!


I love to engage with my community of midwives through in person small group midwifery skills workshops.
For  information & dates about ACNM-approved CEU programs go to the Education Page.


Midwives witness the miracle of birth, of life, of each person's journey from birth through death:
We can hear a story in the context of each person's heritage, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and reproductive status.
We provide caring, compassionate, care that honors individuals in the place where they are now, builds on where they have traveled from, and supports each person as they move into the unknown future.
When we listen we can hear the echo of hopes and dreams. We can see their fulfillment. We can ease disappointment.
Midwifery is about partnering with women, with the rich diversity of people who define theri own gender, sexuality, and personal expression of the self.
When we help people strive for their dreams, all of our lives are enriched.
We breath the same air as dolphins, butterflies, eagles, and wild boar.
We soak up the same sun, and affect the world in which we live.
And we love and desire.
From here to eternity, we are all connected.