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Looking for a midwifery skills workshop? You can now register for all of our through Eventbrite through the WORKSHOPS page. 


Surgical Skills workshops at University of Colorado - Denver!!

Now offering this GREAT workshop in April 2019!


Sign up now for a Midwifery Skills workshop with Nell Tharpe MS, CNM, CRNFA, FACNM at Midwifery at Green Landing in beautiful East Boothbay, Maine.

   At this site midwives and midwifery come first.

Our goal is to create products and services that foster midwifery and make your day-to-day practice easier and less stressful. 

If only we could package sleep somehow! 

In today's technological world, women rely on midwives to keep the nurturing and spiritual aspects of birth alive in every birth setting. Let us know how we can best support you during this inspiring task.

Blessings on the Work! Nell


The Tharpe, Farley & Jordan text 

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women's Health

, 5th Ed. (2017) is available from Jones & Bartlett Publishers and other booksellers!

The 5th edition has been thoroughly updated and includes expanded sections on primary care and midwifery leadership. This wonderful woman-centric reference guide to clinical midwifery and women's health practice is invaluable for midwives in every practice setting and is now be available in a convenient e-book. If you have comments or suggestions for the 6th edition email Nell; we aim to keep this text relevant to your practice!

Excellence in Midwifery Care

How do we provide be the best care possible?

By applying mindfulness techniques and thoughtful reflection we can intentionally explore how we provide care, our roles and feelings when we provide care, and how each individual responds to our care. We can consider each of the outcomes through the lens of the person's health, self-image, and community.

We all have limitations in our practice and our lives. And we bring our personal and professional selves to the care we provide. Be being mindful of how we each interact as individuals, we can adapt to the mutitude of factors that affect each individual and work in partnership to provide the best care for that person. 

One of the challenges of midwifery is to keep in mind what's important to each individual as we develop credible ways to provide excellence in midwifery care.

In this way, we can bring the Quality Improvement process to life in way that is meaningful and dynamic. This guides us to better meet women's needs as we circle back time and again to our primary priority: care that is valued by our clients, meets the needs they have identified, and works for them within the context of their lives. 



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